How we help

Since 2006, we have enjoyed helping thousands of Christian individuals and organizations across the U.S. to have a biblical, effective approach to racial dynamics. The following are a few of the many projects that our team has enjoyed working on. We do not have a cookie cutter approach. We take the time to learn about the individuals and organizations we work with and their unique dynamics and goals. Then, we work with them to develop an effective strategy for short and long term progress. Contact us to learn more.

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Personal assessment

Our research-based, personal assessment tools help individuals to determine areas of strength and weakness and then choose effective action steps for progress.

Coaching and training

We have provided coaching and training for thousands of Christian individuals across the U.S. in churches, colleges, seminaries, K-12 schools, and ministries.

Organizational assessment

We have conducted racial climate surveys, focus groups, and analysis for over 50 Christian organizations including universities, seminaries, churches, and media organizations.

Organizational change

We have helped a wide variety of Christian organizations to develop and implement strategies for organizational change, from small ministries to large denominations and associations.